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How will you heat the Pool? Intermittently or Constantly? If the pool is a vacation home, or the pool is only used on most weekends, a gas heater is probably your best option. Gas heaters can heat on demand. Heat Pumps and Solar Heaters are slow and steady in their heat output.


How much heat do you need? All pool heater types can easily add 10 degrees to the pool, and most properly sized systems can add 20 degrees. But if you want a 30 or 40 degree temperature rise – for use with a hot tub, or for heating the pool when its 40 or 50 degrees outside, then a gas heater will be the better pool heater choice.


Is there enough power for a heat pump? I had enough power in my pool electrical sub-panel to add the large 50 amp breaker needed for my heat pump. Without enough power at the pad, an electrician will need to run a new line from the house main panel, which could be costly.


Is there a good location for solar panels? The best location would be a roof that faces south, with 6-8 hours of unobstructed sun daily. The roof would ideally be located close to the pool equipment, to need less piping going to and from the solar panels.