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Choosing when to replace your pool liner

Here at NeJame Pool Specialists, Inc. we normally need between two and six weeks to order and replace a simple liner. More difficult liners or complex jobs, can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Choosing a time of year when business for pool companies is traditionally slower can increase your swim time and save you money. Plus, we will have more time and energy to devote to your project. Consider these three best times for replacing your pool liner:


Late Winter

We normally have time on their hands before mid to late March when pool opening season ramps up. The opportunity to take advantage of this pre-season time makes this a good time to order your pool liner.



Mid-summer, July and August, is another slow time for us. Most pool liners are already installed and up and running.


Post Season

The third, but in my book, the best time to replace your swimming pool’s liner is after the season is over and most pools are ready to be winterized. September – October in most areas. Replacing your pool liner in the fall will also help you avoid next season’s price increases. It is also drier and less likely to have ground water issues.


Pool liners, though durable, need to be replaced every 13 – 15 years, depending on wear and weather conditions. Replacing pool liners keeps your pool looking fresh and new and helps to prevent costly repairs.