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Freezing water could spell danger to your home swimming pool in more ways than one. Freezing conditions can cause damage to your pool equipment, plumbing, and decking.

Freezing water expands and can burst the pipes, causing thousands of dollars in damage to the plumbing and decking. The most important thing to prevent damage to your pool is to keep your pump running!

If you opened your pool earlier this year, that’s great, however you still need to take precaution. I have enclosed some tips if you have opened early, and find yourself seeing snow or freezing temps in the forecast:

  1. If you have an auto cover, cover the pool.
  2. Set your pool/spa pumps to run for 24hrs.
  3. Make sure all your skimmers and main drains are on and the valves are in the open position.
  4. Turn on the heater. You do not have to set the heat very high, however we recommend setting it no lower than 65 degrees.
  5. Check your electrical connections to make sure nothing is exposed to the winter elements. It is also a good idea and check them after a snow storm or rain.
  6. If you are unable to do these tasks, or find something wrong/out of place while doing them, Call us immediately. We offer emergency service.

Following through on these tasks will leave you with peace mind through any unexpected snow storm or freezing temperatures. Stay safe and happy swimming!