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What are they and should you add that feature to your pool?

Let’s talk about what a negative edge pool is. That will go a long way in helping you decide if you like that feature.

The concept behind a negative pool is to give the appearance that one or more edges of the pool simply allow the water to flow out, uncontrollably. Like you see here.

The reality to it is that while a small amount of the water is flowing out, it’s being recovered and returned to the vessel. The illusion is achieved by only allowing an 1/8” to 1/4″ of water to overflow. By coordinating the color of the pools edge with the landscape behind the pool, your eye has a difficulty determining where the pool ends and the landscape begins.

The second and equally important illusion is the catch basin that collects the water, seen here.

It’s crucial that this is out of sight, at least for the “top side, view”. Some negative edge pools are designed to give the illusion from the top side and a beautiful water fall effect from the down side view. These two effects are significantly different economically. Be sure to know the difference. The latter design while more expensive, usually offers another independent, social environment. A patio located at the “catch basin” level, is separate from the main patio and offers a different type of environment from the main area.

Functionally, the negative edge pool doesn’t offer many benefits.

You need to consider it like you would a fountain or water feature. The design does slightly help with keeping the vessel clean. The edge acts like a large skimmer, when debris falls on the surface of the pool. Installed and constructed properly, the leaves and/or debris float for a little while and because the flow of the water over the edge, it will draw that material over edge, away from the vessel. Other than that, enjoy the breathtaking visual. It’s almost tranquilizing.

A large misconception is that you need a large drop off in your backyard, that’s not the case. This effect can be just as dramatic without it. Like you see here.

This site had a slight slope and by properly designing and choosing the pool grade, you can maximize the effect quite easily.

Another large misconception is that these types of pools can’t receive an automatic cover. Again, properly planned for and designed, it can not only work, but go a long way in helping the pool save heat, minimize water lose and make the entire area safer. Aesthetically, you would be hard pressed to even know there was an automatic pool cover until you actually extended the fabric across the pool.

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