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Here are some popular questions we have been hearing from our customers:


My Pool is cloudy and I can’t seem to clear it? 

First, as always, test the water. Adjust ph to 7.6ppm, alk to 120ppm, cya/stabilizer to 50 for a chlorine pool and 50-80 for salt water pools depending on your generator requirements. Chlorine pools during this time should be raised/shocked to a 3.0ppm at least to help clear the pool more quickly. Your chlorine generator can be set to boost and/or you can raise the output to the next level. For example, if you normally run it at 60% output, try raising to 70 % or 80%. Always add your weekly dose of algaecide and to help clear the cloudy water you can assist the filter by adding a clarifier. As important as proper chemistry, is filtration. Run the filter 24 hours a day until the pool is clear. Remember during the time, to backwash as needed.


My pool has green algae that just won’t go away? 

Sounds like Phosphates maybe playing a hand in feeding the algae. Phosphates enter the water from such sources as: decaying plant matter, fertilizers, mineral treatment chemicals, contaminated well water, acid rain, contamination with soil, ground water runoff, bird droppings, bather wastes, urine and sweat. Phosphates can be tested for and can be treated with a specific chemical. 


My pool has pink algae?

This is actual pink, slimy bacterial growth that brushes off easily. It comes from low sanitizer, poor maintenance, environmental issues and/or poor circulation.  This is a hard bacteria to get rid of and can take several applications of Vanquish cleaning your filter and keeping your chemicals balanced. When treating the pool, it is a good idea to also put all your accessories and pool toys in the pool to be treated as well, so that they don’t reinfect the pool.



Always remember, your filter plays a big role in keeping your pool clean. Sand filters should have the sand replaced every 3-5 years. Cartridge filters need the filters replaced every 2-3 years. DE filter grids should be replaced every 4-6 years. These times are estimated.


Granular Chlorine:

It’s a good idea to shock your pool with granular chlorine weekly, this will help your chlorinator keep up with all the bacteria introduced to the pool, during those great pool parties!


pH and Alkalinity:

Check the pH and alkalinity levels. The pH should be 7.6 ppm and alk 120 ppm. When these are not balanced the chlorine has to work twice as hard and the pool turns cloudy.


Filter Pressure:

Check the filter pressure. If the pressure stays 10 lb over your normal running pressure, even after a backwash then, now would be a good time for a filter cleaning. This goes for sand filters too. If the pool just isn’t as clear as it used to be, it may be time to replace the cartridges, sand or grids. Manufacturers recommend cartridge replacements at 3 yrs, sand change at 5 yrs, and new grids at 5 yrs. This can make a world of difference in the clarity of your water.


Salt Generator:

Those of you with salt generators need to set the unit to boost during these hot days. Remember to check and clean the cell periodically. Using Cell Saver helps to maintain the cell between manual cleanings. The life of a cell on average is 10,000 hrs of use. That’s about 8 yrs.


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