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Thunderstorms are on their way.

As thunderstorms roll in, follow this checklist to make sure your pool is ready to weather the storm:

  • Keep all loose items away from the pool so they don’t go for a swim.
  • Cover your pool to stop rainwater and debris from getting in, effectively preventing pH imbalance, phosphates and other problems.
  • Turn your pump off during the storm, but make sure to turn it back on afterwards to filter out any small debris that may have found its way in.

If you find yourself lost after a rainstorm, or your pool looks cloudier than it used to, remember that we do free water tests out of our Verbank store and can help you find the right chemicals that will get your pool back to normal. You can also book a service appointment to make sure your pool gets the care it needs and stays sparkling clean.

We service Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Columbia, Putnam and Westchester County. Give us a call at 845-677-7665 if you need extra care for your pool during this stormy season.