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What Causes Phosphates to Increase?

-Phosphates are a major cause of algae in swimming pools.
-Removal of phosphates in pool water is important to help maintain healthy water quality.
-Phosphates and nutrients are required by all living organisms, including algae, to survive and flourish.
-Phosphates enter the pool by a variety of different sources like runoffs from lawns and gardens, dust, suntan oils, and leaves.

Excess Phosphate Symptoms:

-Cloudy, Green water
-Slippery and Slimy surfaces
-Mustard and Green colored debris
-Excessive chemical consumption
-Pool water quality

Phosphate Removal Treatment:

-The maximum level of phosphate in pool water should be below 100 ppb.
-Natural Chemistry’s Phos-Free is a natural, non-toxic, mineral compound which effectively and rapidly reduces the level of phosphate in the water.
-GLB’s Ultima Nix is a great product to reduce phosphates and add your dose of algaecide all-in-one product.
-Use of these products can result in brown/green phosphate sediment gathered on the bottom of the pool that needs to be vacuumed the next day. The filter should be back washed during this process.
-A weekly dose of this type of chemical will help maintain phosphates within the normal range.

Some winter chemicals and accessories that may be useful:

Metal Out Plus– used to remove metallic stains and prevent hard water from scaling. Controls iron and other metals during the winter months.
Winter Pill– Makes spring openings faster and easier. It clarifies the pool water and prevents scaling and staining. It naturally destroys all organics, prevents a water ring, enhances filter performance, and improves sanitizer efficiency. This floats under the cover all winter long. Safe for use with all pool surfaces and all filters. Works well with mesh covers.
Heater and Heat Pump Covers– used to harmful moisture and winter elements away from heaters. Easy to install, no need to disconnect any plumbing, and made of a high quality durable vinyl exterior.
Mouse away– an all natural herbal mouse repellent. Can be used underneath heater cover or in the spring time in mesh safety cover storage bags.
*All of the above can be ordered for delivery at your pool winterization.

Automatic covers:

1. Keep pump on cover to prevent accumulation of water from rainfall.
2. The recessed box the cover rolls into should be cleaned out at least once a year.
3. It is recommended that an overall “tune up” of the system should be done by a trained service technician annually or bi-annually to make sure everything can run smoothly.

Don’t Forget:

1. Pump water off solid covers.
2. Concrete pools must keep water below tile line.
3. Manufacturers recommend that sand filters get sand changed approximately every 4-5 years. Please advise our office if you would like to schedule this service in the Spring.
4. D.E. filter nests should be removed and cleaned at least once a season. A great time to do this is in the Fall when the pool is closed for the season.
5. Salt cells need to be removed cleaned and stored for the Winter. Cells, on average, need replacement every 15,000 hours of use.
6. Ozinators need maintenance too. Gaskets, tubing check valves and bulbs need replacement. Depending on use approximately every 3 years.
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