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Rising temperatures are here, and that means that Summer weather will soon be upon us. Normally around this time of year, homeowners typical ask us: Is it too soon to open my pool, should I wait?

These are two great questions, and we get them frequently. The best time to open your swimming pool will depend on multiple factors such as, where you are located, are we having a colder or warmer spring then usual, the type of pool, and of course the type of filter, heater, pump, and sanitization system you have.

1.SAVE MONEY. One common reason pool owner’s will hold off on opening their pool is the misconception that an open pool is an expensive pool. But when you take into account the modern pool filtration systems, pool heaters, and the growing number of owners with salt water pools, the total expense for opening the pool early, far negates the cost for opening a pool too late. Opening a swimming pool that is now loaded with algae, is going to require multiple trips and expensive chemicals to clear up.

2.PREVENT ALGAE. Algae, like us in northeast, usually love warmer weather and look forward to it. If you are using a mesh winter cover, such as Loop Loc or Meyco, sunlight is getting through that cover, and before you know it, all sorts of algae will begin to bloom. Not treating the pool chemically prior to closing, not checking what is going on under the cover, and opening the pool late can tremendously compound the algae growth.

3.REPAIRS. When you uncover your pool for the first time this season, you may spot concerning signs of damage. The cold weather and freeze/thaw cycle can be hard on a pool, especially if it was winterized very early or improperly. Broken handrails, loose decking, cracked pipes, and tore liners can all be a hazard to you and your family, and if not remedied immediately, cut into your precious swim time.

4.IMPROVED AESTHETICS. Your backyard looks completely different once your pool is uncovered. Having your pool clean, clear, and blue instantly makes your yard more attractive, and suddenly it feels like summer again! The sooner you open, the sooner you can take advantage of that feeling.

5.EXTEND YOUR SWIM TIME. For many of us in the North East the opportunity to enjoy our pool is a seasonal affair. Chances are good, that if you have a pool, you enjoy swimming. Your pool can be a social centerpiece for fun and relaxation. Maximize the benefits of your pool and open it soon!

If you’re ready to start enjoying your pool, don’t hesitate to call NeJame Pool Specialist for a free quote – we can handle the opening and maintenance, so you can focus on the fun!

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