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Here are some tips on what to do during this confusing weather:

Summerized Pools

Keep the pools and spas running (this includes jets, laminars, water fountains and negative edges). Keep the water level below or above the lights by a few inches to help prevent freeze damage. With these cold temperatures, water can freeze in the pipes and cause damage. When temperatures are going to drop below freezing, please make sure your heater is set to at least 55 degrees, your water level is mid skimmer, and your freeze protection is on. Call us immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary or you believe there might be a potential problem.

Also, if you would like us to check your heater, now is a great time to have us do this for you!

Winterized Pools

Keep an eye on the water level if you have a concrete pool. The water level needs to stay below the tile line to prevent damage.

We service from Millbrook to Granite Springs and surrounding areas. Do not hesitate to call with any questions at 845-677-7665, we are here to help!